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two children playingMontessori Learning Institute is a member of the American Montessori Society with programs for infants through 8th grade (3 months – 15 yrs.).

Montessori Learning Institute Students

Our classrooms are well equipped with the finest Montessori materials and other high quality learning materials. Our students manipulate educational materials until they understand the underlying concepts. We teach our students using solid instructional techniques including phonics for reading.

Special enrichment activities are included throughout the school year. Find out what activities we will have in store for your child. Activities

Our parents have an active involvement in our students’ education. There is a strong communication between the principal, the teachers, and the parents. The Parent Volunteer Organization is open to all MLI parents to support the school at various events and for fellowship.

It has been 12 years of laughter,
12 years of shared accomplishments,
12 years of devotion, dedication and collaboration.

12 years is a lifetime
of safety, of security, of peace.
12 years of activities, of fun of concerted effort.
12 years together. A life time.

We first entrusted our precious daughter to your care. Sweet, tender, diligent and anxious,
She was at home in MLI from the day we first visited Ms. Edilby’s class,
As if she had been there all two years of her short life. So much growth – from a timid girl to a self-assured, confident young woman.
Such gentle guidance, such wisdom,
You knew how best to support her.
The fruit of your labor is evident in her daily endeavors, Her persistence, her compassion,
Her dedication and her sense of justice.

Next came our stunningly inquisitive son.
With an intensity far exceeding his sister’s,
He started his Montessori career at 3.
A rare gem, he required a firm but compassionate hand,
Through the years, MLI teachers
consistently developed his remarkable strengths
While navigating his fierce determination with grace. Few could have done as well.
You have now delivered to us
A bright and sensitive young man,
Well-prepared for the road ahead,
Nurtured and encouraged
Rather than pressured and brow beaten.

Such a treasure, a rough stone
In which you saw the brilliance of the future,
The true nature within.

But in caring for our children,
You cared for us as well.
Without even knowing it,

You helped us become better parents, Loving our children as we did,
Supporting our efforts to reach for excellence Not only academics but in life.
We were never alone.
We had you.
Now all four of us must move on. It is an intimidating road ahead. We know you so well.
You know us so well.
Will the world beyond be as kind? Will we have peace of mind? We take you with us as we go And will come back often,
This I know.
But we will miss you every day As we go to make our way.

Thank you for these 12 years,
For the laughter and guidance through the fears. Thank you for your compassion,
The wisdom, the dedication.
Thank you for a lifetime of caring.

Cynthia Mellor-Crummey, Ph.D.

American Montessori Society

Montessori Learning Institute is a full member of the American Montessori Society.