Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

We commend you for the care you give in selecting a school for your child and would like to share with you the qualities that define our school.

We respect each child for his/her most important task of creating a future adult. Each child entrusted to us is unique, and we strive to guide our students to develop their optimum potential. We provide our students with a safe, stimulating environment under the guidance of experienced, committed, and talented teachers to enable each student to blossom in his/her very own special way.

Our classrooms are equipped with outstanding learning materials that facilitate clear understanding of abstract concepts and develop students’ self-confidence as well as enjoyment of learning. We instill ethical values in our students with selected literature, poetry, and study of heroes.

We believe that mutual respect, support, on-going communication and united efforts between home and school will guide our student to attain the very best development.

Thank you for your interest in our school. We wish you health and joy.

Truly yours,
My Le Vo, M. Ed.

American Montessori Society

Montessori Learning Institute is a full member of the American Montessori Society.