Welcome to Montessori Learning Institute

Thank you for your interest in Montessori Learning Institute. Our school’s philosophy has for its basic concept respect for the young child, the child’s work, and the child’s dignity.

We nurture in each child love of learning, and guide the child to strive to reach excellence. “Developing capable and confident scholars for the 21st century”.

We provide a loving, safe, and stimulating environment for each child to achieve his/her full potential. Our enthusiastic and committed teachers are experienced, caring, and respectful of each child’s uniqueness.

I have sent all four of my children (ages 2-11) to M.L.I. during the past four years. M.L.I. has everything I look for in a school: friendly classrooms, well-used large shaded playgrounds, dedicated and capable teachers and a curriculum challenging to even my gifted child.

Inside each of my children’s classes, I find an atmosphere of love and respect, an attitude toward schoolwork that does not confuse learning with entertainment, and the beautiful Montessori materials that are particularly well suited to explore abstract ideas, especially mathematics (my daughter’s favorite).

My children have flourished here and when the oldest finished last year, he moved on to public school with ease and success. – Heidi B. Good, Ph.D


Dates to Remember

- May 3rd and 4th

Parent-Teacher Conferences "Care provided for students enrolled in Full Day Program (7:00 - 6:30), 5 days a week.

- May 10th

An Afternoon to Remember
Elementary and Middle Class
5:00 p.m., Maple Campus

- May 17th

Graduation and Scholastic Achievement Ceremony
4:30 P.M.
Bayland Community Center

- May 24th

Who Wants to be a Scholar?
5:00 p.m.

Pot Luck Dinner & Basket Raffle
6:00 P.M.
Maple Campus

- June 6th

Last Day of School

- June 11th

Summer Camp & Enrichment Starts