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Our personal family experience at MLI covers every grade from first into eighth, from elementary through middle school.

When we were looking for an elementary school, we searched for an environment that was consistent with our family values and high expectations. We wanted an academic environment with a strong emphasis on the process of learning, as well as on gaining academic skills and knowledge. We looked for a nurturing environment that valued treating others with respect and kindness. We wanted an environment that valued parent-teacher communication and collaboration. We found all of that at MLI.

In our experience, MLI is a warm, nurturing, safe environment with a “family feel”. From first grade through middle school, MLI has wonderful educators who are invested in teaching the students and communicating with parents. Mrs. Worah, Mrs. Turner, Mr. David, and Mrs. Vo all genuinely care about each student, and work to ensure an environment that is respectful to all.

In terms of the learning environment, the MLI elementary and middle school programs have low student-to ­ teacher ratios in an academic environment that utilizes Montessori teaching methods and materials as well as “traditional” methods (textbooks, laptop computers). This environment captures the best of both worlds and helps each student flourish.
Our sons came to MLI as bright, inquisitive, creative boys with a keen curiosity about the world around them and a love of learning. Through their experience at MLI, they have continued to flourish and develop into young scholars. They both have exceptionally well-developed skills and knowledge across all academic domains and subject areas. Their creativity , keen curiosity, and love of learning has been well-nurtured and supported. Interpersonally, they are polite, respectful , and kind to others- – -traits that we value at home and are reinforced at MLI.

Perhaps best of all, they really enjoy coming to school and laughing and learning with their friends. Every day, when they come home, they share information with us about the things they learned that day, including a few great anecdotes about things that made them all laugh together. As Walt Disney once said, ” Laughter is no enemy to learning” and most parents will agree that hearing your child’s laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world!

In closing, our sons have exceptionally well-developed academic skills and are truly young scholars. As parents, we also feel that two of the most important things our sons will take from their time at MLI are less quantifiable, but just as important. They will take with them a love of learning that transcends Montessori materials and traditional textbooks, and many fond memories of their time at MLI with nurturing teachers and wonderful friends. All of these things will benefit them greatly as they progress into high school and then into college!

Sarah and James

Sarah Carpentieri -Asbury PhD, MS and James Asbury MD
Parents of Carter (8th grade) and Carson (6th grade)

At this present time…

  • Carter received full scholarship from Case Western Reserve University and is majoring in Biomedical Engineering with minors in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. He is in the process of obtaining patents for his four inventions .
  • Carson is finishing 11th grade at Energy High School. His PSAT scores placed him at the top 3% in the nation. As of now, he is on track to be the Valedictorian of the 2023 class.