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Tips for Choosing a Montessori School

The Montessori Method is a child-centered educational approach that includes child-led activities, classes with children of varied ages, and teachers that foster independence in their students. It’s a philosophy of education. Thus, the quality and application of Montessori schools will vary.

With that being said, you might wonder which Montessori school in Houston, Texas, would be ideal for your child. If you need guidance, we are here to help!

At Montessori Learning Institute, we strive to do more than just make a difference in our community through our academic school. It is also our duty to arm families with information to gear their children toward success.

Here’s what you should look into while choosing a Montessori school:

  • Classroom Setting
    Class sizes are kept small in Montessori schools so that the teacher can monitor each student carefully. This aids in creating and applying personalized child development plans, which are a key aspect of Montessori education. It’s critical to evaluate if this is appropriate for your child because he or she will spend every day in this setting.
  • Educational Philosophy
    Several key concepts of Montessori education explain how children are perceived, the aim of education, and the general design of the curriculum. Asking teachers and staff questions will help you learn more about the educational philosophy of a certain institution.
  • Course Materials
    Montessori schools do not have grades or tests, but they do offer a course structure that allows students to advance during their time at the academy. Teachers at the school are frequently willing to assist you in explaining which subjects and learning objectives will be covered.

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