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Ways to Prepare Your Child for School

  • Build a new routine.
    Going to an academic school creates a brand new routine for your kids. They may feel overwhelmed at one point, so walk them through it carefully. Set their new bedtime and wake-up time so their body can slowly adapt to their new school routine and avoid rushing in the morning before going to school.
  • Share your experience.
    What was your experience at a learning institute in Texas when you were young? Tell your kids about it, and let them know how you dealt with your first day of school as a child. At the same time, ask them how their day was! It’s essential to communicate with them about their feelings so you can help them process their emotions better.
  • Develop a study plan.
    Joining an elementary program means creating a study plan to catch up with lessons. Your child’s study plan doesn’t have to be tedious. It should be simple and flexible, especially on days when your kids feel lazy and not in the mood to study.

As a Montessori school in Houston, Texas, we at Montessori Learning Institute are committed to providing high-quality education for your kids. With the help of our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers, we aim to develop capable and confident scholars for the 21st century. Enroll your kids with us today! Give us a call for more information about our programs.

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