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How to Create a Montessori Learning Environment at Home

With the world becoming more digitally equipped, younger generations are being exposed to a wealth of information early. However, technological advancements will not develop your child on their own. Their development is also dependent on you.

As a reputable Montessori society for children, we’d like to share some pointers on how to improve your child’s developmental journey.

Start your Montessori school in your own home. Here are some ideas our Montessori school in Houston, Texas, would like to share to make your home more conducive to your child’s development.

  • Participation is essential.
    Simple tasks, such as putting their toys away, can encourage independence and cleanliness.
  • Create kid-friendly spaces in your home.
    Child-height cabinets or shelves containing their belongings will instill responsibility, keep your home organized, and help to alleviate the frantic pace of many of our mornings.
  • Be inventive.
    Allow them to decorate their bedrooms or play areas as they see fit. Instill a “less is more” mindset and use a neutral color palette in your home where your child’s style can have the chance to shine.
  • Toys should be discarded or given away.
    Observe your child while they are playing to see which toys they prefer. Aside from that, if there is no room in their room for extra toys, donate them to schools or charity outlets in your community.
  • Learning areas are essential.
    Hang a basket or shelf of books or educational charts, such as those found at your child’s academic school. Children enjoy identifying objects in their environment. So having resources is critical.

Montessori Learning Institute is a reputable learning institute in Texas that helps your child develop a lifelong love of learning. Get in touch with our staff today!

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