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How to Encourage Creative Thinking in Young Children


As a leading academic school, we strive to ensure that each child can develop a love for learning, unlock their potential, and build a solid foundation for what’s to come. And we believe that creative thinking should be one of the basic concepts that young minds should learn.

  • Allow them to ask questions.

    Making them question things and urging them to wonder is important in child development. It can help encourage creative thinking because it enhances their imaginative skills and improves their problem-solving abilities. Through asking questions, they are encouraged to be more curious.

  • Give them opportunities to show their intelligence.

    There are several types of intelligence. Sometimes, it can be hard to recognize what form of intelligence your child is inclined to. Provide them with ample chances to express different forms to help you identify what they are best at.

  • Trigger their curiosity.

    Children are naturally curious, and it is your role as parents to drive their curiosity further. For example, you can expose them to literature, art, music, and different cultures. You can also involve them in meaningful conversations such as the situation of the environment and how it affects us humans and animals.

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